The Minipig Research Forum (MRF)is a non-profit organization for everyone working with minipigs. MRF was launched in 2007, and today, the network has more than 500 worldwide members from industry, academia and regulatory bodies. Every year, a 3-day MRF meeting is held with a comprehensive scientific program organized by a Steering Committee consisting of minipig users from different organizations. Typically, approx. 100 participants attend the annual MRF meeting, being a unique opportunity for minipig users to meet, discuss, share knowledge and experiences within all areas of minipig use.

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The membership of the MRF is free.

Members can log in and find information and presentations on many different topics from previous MRF meetings. 


The annual MRF meeting

Every year, a meeting for all members of the MRF is arranged and this meeting is a unique opportunity for Minipig users to meet and interact. More information about the annual meeting is available on this website.

Presentations and other information from previous MRF meetings can be found on this website if you are a member of the MRF.


Minipig Research Forum on LinkedIn

The Minipig Research Forum group on LinkedIn is an informative and useful platform where Minipig users interact, ask questions and share experiences. Apply for the MRF LinkedIn group membership by sending us an email

The MRF held its inaugural meeting in Copenhagen in December 2007. Since then, an annual meeting has been held, primarily in Europe with the exception of two meetings held in the United States, which has brought together minipig users with the common goal of facilitating exchange of knowledge through a networking and knowledge based meeting. 

Since the first meeting, attendees have asked for a way to stay connected and to be able to contact other Minipig users. The aim is that the creation of a LinkedIn group for Minipig users will make this possible! 

This group is a means of communication, where an open, unbiased, science based exchange of knowledge, information and ideas can take place. This group is not to be seen as, nor used for, marketing, promotion, endorsement of company nor specific model (pig, Minipig or any other species or strain). Such use would in fact be in conflict with the very purpose of this group: a forum where an open exchange of ideas and knowledge can take place without any fear of misuse, manipulation or exploitation. Hence in this networking group an unbiased, honest, fair, and most of all science driven approach to all exchange and communication is essential. 

If these ideals are internalized and upheld by all members, this forum can become a unique virtuel space which will benefit both the Minipig as an animal model, the researchers and technicians involved, and thus by extension the quality of the science as a whole - all with aim of human health and safety at heart.


Join the Steering Committee

The scientific programme at the annual meeting is organised by a Steering Committee consisting of a group of Minipig users from different companies.

Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S facilitates the practical organisation of the MRF and the related webpage and LinkedIn group.

If you are interested in being part of the Steering Committee or to learn more about the Minipig Research Forum please contact us:

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